Maximize the Efficiency of Your Cloud

Optimize your cloud across performance, budget, security, and DevOps automation

Deliver Business Value on the Cloud

Over time, your cloud environment can “drift” from its initial state resulting in technical debt, a degraded security posture, and undocumented one-off changes. Focal Technologies can help you evaluate your cloud environment, report on critical security gaps, recommend remediation steps, and re-architect for maximum efficiency.

Cloud Assessment

Our expert engineers perform a deep analysis of your entire cloud footprint to identify improvements and recommend best practices.

  • Learn cloud best practices
  • Assess reliability, performance, cost, and operations
  • Identify security and compliance gaps in the cloud
  • Get a detailed report of recommendations
  • Option to utilize a team of Certified Engineers to implement recommendations

Cost Optimization

Achieve an average 30% return-on-investment by reducing costs and improving efficiencies.

  • Identify and eliminate waste
  • Leverage long-term savings, like Reserved and Spot Instances
  • Reduce costs with automated on/off scheduling
  • Option to utilize a team of cloud certified engineers to implement recommendations

Cloud Compliance Assessment

Need help achieving your cloud compliance standard in AWS or Azure? Focal Technologies can help.

  • Auto-discovery of your entire cloud environment
  • Scan console settings, networking, vulnerabilities
  • Score against HIPAA, PCI, GDPR, SOC2, ISO 27002
  • Get a detailed report of recommendations
  • Option to utilize a team of Certified Engineers to implement recommendations

Cloud DevOps Strategy & Implementation

When cloud infrastructure can be changed, deployed, and replicated rapidly, you empower developers to deliver software more effectively.

  • Consult with highly trained DevOps engineers
  • Automate IT operations
  • Implement or improve your CI/CD pipeline
  • Set up containers (Docker) in your cloud environment

Key Features


Access to Certified Engineers

Highest concentration of professional certified specialists in the industry

Proven Track Record

Leverage expertise from hundreds of cloud projects to ensure success

Flexible & Responsive

Tailored solutions with the agility to respond to changes as you scale

Security & Compliance Experts

Enable continuous compliance in PCI-DSS, HIPAA, HITRUST, SOC2, etc.

Agile Project Management

Ensure transparency and timely delivery of project milestones

Creative Financing

Access to funding programs to fit your needs and budget

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