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Learn how to automate CI/CD pipelines on AWS using AWS tools, Docker, and configuration management

Run Modular, Scalable, Self-Service Infrastructure

When infrastructure can be changed, deployed, and replicated rapidly, you empower business to deliver software more effectively. Focal Technologies extensive experience in configuration management, infrastructure automation, containers and CI/CD help you build infrastructure that can adapt at the speed of business.

“We chose Focal Technologies for their experience in next-generation
DevOps software automation and management of large, complex

Infrastructure-as-Code Automation Services

We create a self-service catalog of custom, secure infrastructure templates that are ready to launch.
  • Design AWS CloudFormation, Azure Resource Manager, Terraform templates
  • Leverage configuration management to bootstrap instances
  • Build self-service catalog for developers
  • Automate scaling, failover, self-healing
  • Automate monitoring, tool installation

Docker Containers on AWS and Azure

Our container experts can help you run your containerized applications on AWS or Azure.
  • Evaluate cloud container readiness
  • Design and built container cluster
  • Setup Docker orchestration (Amazon ECS, EKS, Azure Kubernetes Service)

Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery Services

We identify factors that inhibit continuous delivery and architect a successful delivery pipeline with custom tooling.
  • Consult with engineers to build CI/CD pipeline on AWS or Azure
  • Integrate code delivery and infrastructure provisioning
  • Implement configuration management
  • Implement automated testing

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